Knitwear is the use of needles and yarn varieties of various raw materials constituting the coil, and then sets connected via string knitted process product. Knit soft texture, good crease resistance and breathability, and a greater extensibility and flexibility, comfort. Knitted products expanded from traditional underwear to outerwear, expanding from the traditional to take home, decorative, medical, agricultural, product penetration into all areas of woven fabric, increasing varieties, all kinds of underwear, outerwear and apparel and other products full bloom situation. Continue to emerge on the market a variety of good comfort, fashionable, rich colors and styles of knitted sweater dress trousers and closed off, etc.; various thermal underwear, health antibacterial underwear, body recoil underwear, not only to meet the people diverse needs, and to some extent guided consumer trends.
2011 China (enterprises above designated size) knitting industry's gross industrial production (price) 598.161 billion yuan, an increase of 20.81%; sales value totaled 583.698 billion yuan, an increase of 21.72%. Since 2011 the overall industry growth rate of industrial output declined. 2011 (enterprises above designated size) cumulative production of knitted garments 12.109 billion, compared to the same period in 2010, an increase of 6.13%; production accounted for knitwear production before 2011 was 94.65% ten provinces. In addition to Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai production growth declined, the other provinces an upward trend. Output growth is relatively significant parts of the West, which, Sichuan, Chongqing, Xinjiang Autonomous Region significant production growth, the cumulative increase of 103.70%, respectively, 83.09% and 44.56%. In 2011 the number of China's knitting industry exports have negative growth, price growth in export value grew to become a major supporting factor; export product structure adjustment appears to reduce the number of export cotton knitwear, cotton knitwear exports of non-maintained modest growth. Knitted garment export value accounted for the entire apparel accounted for 54.97%, compared to the same period in 2010, an increase of 0.7 percentage points. 2011 January-December exports of knitted garments and accessories cumulative amount of $ 80.168 billion, an increase of 20.17%; knitted garment exports accumulated 20.761 billion, down 0.43%; amounted to 69.032 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 21.09%. 2011 imports of knitted garments 139 million, an increase of 30.06%; cumulative amount of $ 1.053 billion, up 48.09%; import price $ 7.56, an increase of 13.86%.
Knitwear through specialization, fine, fast, service-oriented products to enhance the international competitiveness supply specifications, weakening the role of the labor cost element in the competition, enhance efficiency and add value through reshaping China's international competitive advantage. Industry continues through international and domestic capital consolidation, integration and optimal allocation of resources to the intensive development of the whole industry chain direction, the international positioning industry is gradually moving up the value chain of high-end, brand ecological further improved. "Twelve Five" period of knitwear industry to guide the integration of innovation through sweater knitting industry chain, to "enhance collective industrial enterprises portion breakthrough" goal. Around the "integrated innovation", sweaters industry will pay more attention to market evaluation system, improve the quality standard system, credit system construction and other industrial infrastructure, efforts to build a modern industrial system, and effectively improve the industrial chain as well as the industrial system as the basis of industry core competencies.
The research and consulting firm led by a written report, a lot of careful market research, based on in-depth analysis of the market situation Knitwear Industry, Research knitwear industries and enterprises, the main basis for the state Department of Agriculture, the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ministry, the Ministry of Commerce, China Consumer Association, China Textile Industry Association, National Commercial Information Center, China Economic Monitoring Center, a variety of related national and overseas newspapers and magazines as well as basic information units and other related statistics released provinces and provided a lot of information on the supply and demand situation sweater industry, development of various sub-sectors of the consumer market, the competitive landscape is analyzed, and the sweater industry development forecast and strategies in depth. This report is relevant enterprises and units sweater and knitwear industry plans to invest in businesses and investors an accurate picture of current market developments Knitwear Industry grasp Knitwear Industry Status and trends of consumption, important decisions necessary to develop marketing strategies References.

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