Do foreign trade business of manufacturers fear that overseas buyers default on credit, the high cost of rights often make them a big headache. Now, export-oriented enterprises have Honghe sweater good helper. Recently, the China Credit Insurance Office of Jiaxing City, Jiaxing hong sweater Chamber of Commerce held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in the future, China will provide free credit insurance risk warning for overseas chambers of commerce, overseas risk analysis, analysis of typical cases, knowledge of international trade such as seminars and training, and provide preferential buyers convenient services for consulting and insurance companies. Chamber members and related companies will also be recommended to build ECIC member companies and Chinese communication platform, and is responsible for the organization of work-related training and exchange conference meeting, the parties to achieve resource docking.

It is reported that a total area Xiuzhou Honghe sweater and business users more than 12,000, with an annual 400 million sweaters, sweater industry is one of the local pillar industries, in order to export export-oriented, decentralized downstream market. Honghe town has become famous sweater town of China, China's export manufacturing base sweaters. With the recent worsening export environment, more and more export enterprises in sweaters and buyers trade process, realize the importance of risk prevention.

As a professional China Credit Insurance Credit insurance policy insurance company, has a unique perspective and expertise in credit risk management, the platform will achieve docking with hong sweater Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce export companies to help understand and apply the policy of export credit insurance instruments, support enterprise crack "There not received a single, a single weakness pick" and other export problems, is another example of cooperation between financial institutions and community organizations. I believe that through the two sides reached a strategic cooperation to further boost export confidence and help enterprises to improve the international competitiveness and credit risk management.

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