About C&C Knitwear   (www.ccsweater.com ) (CC Sweater & Knitwear & Knitted Factory From China Export to USA Russian Canada Europe South America))

Our factory established in 2004.,more than 10 years experience in knit wear,It covers about 3000 square meters, has 35 stoll computer machine, 70 linking machine,and some 5 wash machine, some iron machine…has worker more than 150, can produce about 600,000 pcs each year. Our Mainly Market: UK/USA/RUSSIA/FRANCE and others


QC of C&C Knitwear  

We firmly believe that quality is the life, we will be the quality inspection process is divided into three processes, twenty-seven links, quality inspection standard reference international, the whole process will produce three copies of QC quality inspection report. We believe that the quality control process and strict standard is the most responsible for the customer, we will each risk elimination in the production process. We welcome you in the production process at any time to visit our production quality supervision.


Package and shipment of C&C Knitwear

Sample shipment: DHL/UPS/TNT,or courier offer by yourside.

Production shipment: you can choose by air or by sea, forwarder can use what you want or choose from ourside. we will do all the documents according to your request


We can ship out goods from our port to your port (we can ship Europe ,Asia, North America ,South America, South Africa, Oceania). (www.ccsweater.com ) (CC Sweater & Knitwear & Knitted Factory From China Export to USA Russian Canada Europe South America)


1. We provide three copies of QC report
2.We provide every step of production schedule
3.High quality, good price

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