Label categories on a sweater There are many applications for each label is not the same sweater wholesalers to introduce the role of each label:


(A) brand label


Sweater clothing brand labels have called on the main label (main label) of. It is generally used method jacquard woven and sewn in the collar general office. And some larger pieces of clothing sewn in the back or back sweater garment folder central embroidery (embroidery) pattern stickers blocks (patch) to reflect similar content as reflected by the brand label. Brandable sweater clothing, if necessary, it should be stated in the contract: "If the trademark ownership disputes responsibility of the buyer."



(B) origin label


According to China's Ministry of Foreign Trade, Customs and the State Administration of Commodity prohibition of illegal re-export, where in China's production (including sweater processing) is not indicated its textile exports in the country labels, tags and / or packaging or region of origin. "Made in China" trade sweater clothing used (made in China) are generally printed on the label. Origin information may also be printed on the other tabs.


(C) size label


Sweater size labels are generally printed. A one size label. Some put the EC sweater clothing, in order to adapt to the local market to foreign tourists shopping and more features, often using the "International Size Label" (international size label). It gives the same size conversion corresponding sizes in some other countries, to facilitate customers to buy.


(D) washing label, also known as the care label


Commonly known as the Water Mark washing label. It uses a series of symbols to represent sweater garment washing and maintenance considerations, which mainly depends on the sweater apparel fabrics and materials. Some washing label also gives the composition of the sweater dress fabrics and lining materials, sometimes in order to meet the needs of the international market, these ingredients with a variety of words poured out.


(E) composition label

Facts label gives the sweater fabric fiber components, if the components are given in the other tab, generally no need for a separate ingredient labels.

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