The art of woolen sweater and non art said their rhetoric and the burden of proof, and the wool sweater art qualitative applied art category. Secondly, theory, theory of artistic development, the artistic creation of works of art theory and art theory, reception theory is discussed in terms of woolen sweater with the art from the artistic essence. Personality characteristics of wool sweater arts from art creation, creative thinking and features, characteristics, components of works acceptance of timeliness, regional and dissemination and aesthetic qualities and attributes of goods and so on six aspects. This sweater wholesalers, six forms of art appreciation from the wool sweater displayed analysed the relationship between arts and crafts, art design and technical design factors, and draw the corresponding conclusion.

The sweater is art has been controversial, but the intense degree in different periods of the different arguments. However, as a kind of sweater design art has become a popular concept of society. On the view of identity allows us to use the principle and method of science of art and design aesthetics of the review. The logical characteristics of art science we can make rational discussion of woolen sweater art characteristics, characteristics and design aesthetics of practical aesthetics from the perspective of art to our discussion will give up such as the existence of the art and the aesthetic theory of relatively mature research results of traditional argument.

Art as far as its nature is concerned, the difference between pure art and practical art. There are many types of art, according to the performance of different methods, can be divided into the Performing Arts (music, dance, art (painting), sculpture, architecture), Language Arts (Literature) and Arts (drama, film and television); according to the temporal and spatial characteristics, and can be divided into time art (Music), space art (painting, sculpture, architecture and art (Literature) spatial parallel, drama, film and television). As the practical art of woolen sweater, belongs to a kind of plastic arts in the type, also pay attention to the timeliness of the space art.

Wool sweater art as an important component of the art system, common with art. Sweater wholesalers to art from the scientific point of view, is the essence of art, art, artistic creation, works of art and art acceptance so as to discuss the woolen sweater art.

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