In the process of wool washing industry development, development of washing equipment also nots allow to ignore. It makes washing industry more and more standard, more and more scientific, the people will be liberated from hard work. Water to wash the rods, the hammer, foot, such as process, to today's all kinds of household washing machines and industrial washing machines, from intensity to flow in the direction of flow, people are constantly exploring. The development of wool dry cleaners from fission type dry cleaners (refers to the washing and drying were completed within the two machine, the solvent to oil solvent) to open (refers to finish, washing and drying in a bucket of dry when recycled water as coolant, a foreign exhaust gas after the baking finish process), and to avoid pollution to the environment, hair factory also developed fully enclosed sweater dry cleaners, solvent recovery is increased. Dry cleaners evolving purpose is to make the dry cleaner's foreign excretion is lower and less impact on the environment, reduce the energy consumption in the process of washing, lowering the cost of wool washing and maintenance cost.

Since 1990, international environmental conference in Montreal laundry with tetrachloroethylene emission limits under 25 mg/L, the developed countries began to limit the use of open dry cleaners, and enforced in the form of laws and regulations, thus raised the sealed sweater with dry cleaners instead of open dry cleaners. With environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the various manufacturers of dry cleaners to look to the development of new detergent and synthesis, at the same time, with the development of the dry cleaners, dry cleaning equipment is developed, such as water-soluble dry cleaners, tetrachloroethylene solvent vacuum dry cleaners, its characteristic is strictly limit pce pollution to the environment.

Wool washing industry development in our country since the produced by now, from the level of equipment, washing, business level compared with the international advanced level gap is larger, especially the dry cleaning industry in our country is still in an introduction of the development phase. So open dry cleaners can survive and develop, and become the world's largest open air dry cleaners have market, cheap, cheap, individual businesses as China's laundry market characteristics. Each washing machine manufacturers in China use cheap machine for the market at the same time, also take various measures to actively, in communications. The rapid development of high-grade wool washing machine. Washing machine manufacturers abroad are also actively to enter the Chinese market.

Despite the rapid development of dry cleaning industry in our country, but compared with advanced countries, per capita is low, such as 1 / ten thousand people in the United States, and is only 1 / one hundred thousand people in China. Although hair factory new sweater solvent appear constantly, but as a major tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, to eliminate fear in China still have a period of time, but to solve or reduce environmental pollution problem, replace the open machine with full sealing machine also will be done in recent years. We pay close attention to wool washing industry development, strive to integrate with the international community.

The development process of wool factory washing industry publish from:2015-04-03