Sweater garment technology has a long history in China, but the impact of thousands of years of feudal social system, severely bound and influenced the development of science and technology and productivity, resulting in the development of China's garment industry has been slow, in quite a long time yet stay in the form of production of individual production and hand sweater workshop. Early 19th century, with the successor of Western dress culture, Chinese traditional clothing sweater factory and process for the production of forms to be changed, and gradually produce specialized production and production in Western-style clothing coat folk "Red Band 'tailor, tailored and Western-style clothing production underwear, shirts and wedding dress and other "white gang" tailor, specializing in the production and the production of Chinese traditional clothing "Chinese" tailor, specializing in military clothing and clothing sweater "big help" tailor. These four forms of production of clothing became the main factions. Mid-20th century, the beginning of the industrial revolution, making the pedal sewing machine gradually extended in China, and gradually reform sweater clothing manual process, production scale and form are constantly expanding. At this time, many coastal cities gradually suits, shirts, underwear, children's clothing, men's, women's, fur clothing, embroidered clothing and other industries, but the production is still in the form of individual labor accounts for a large proportion.

After the liberation, the national industry first opponents were the socialist transformation, gradually change and get rid of the old mode of production, the organization from four different sweater garment production forms, namely state-owned, public-private partnerships, collective and individual. However, due to lack of long-term importance of apparel production in the national economy of knowledge, as well as the speed of the entire national economy is not ideal, resulting in the development of garment production speed is slow, keep up with the rate of increase of people's living standards. 70-80 years of the 20th century, with the economic development and the deepening of reform, the state in order to effectively solve the problem of the people dress, to reverse the "hard to buy clothes", "clothes make difficult" situation, for sweater garment production The system has been adjusted, sweater garment production channels are expanding. Currently has a variety of channels, textile and garment production joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises, township enterprises, private enterprises, individual industry and other systems.

With China's reform and opening-up deep, a large number of Chinese sweater factory have gained rapid development. Today, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of garments, according to statistics in 2003 Chinese clothing exports nearly 15 billion, with exports amounting to $ 51.9 billion, clothing has become China's international trade in commodities. Sweater garment industry has become an important source of capital accumulation countries to expand foreign exchange earnings. Therefore, strengthen the construction and development of China's garment industry is an important national policy. The state attaches great importance to the development of the garment industry sweater, actively support the garment industry reform, supporting the progressive realization of joint textile and garment industry sweater, and toward modern technology and management direction. At present, China sweater garment industry has formed a modern production scale, comprehensive range of labor-intensive industrial production system.

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