Wool sweater factory alkali shrinkage is the main process to deal with the sweater. Because thewool sweater in weaving density shoulds not be too close, too close to the formation of defects in weaving. But using it to make the finished product, because the texture is thin and lack of flexibility,in order to improve this defect, the yarn is 32 more than in the bleaching and dyeing of wool sweater, mostly before must go through a process of alkali shrinkage, in order to improve thedensity of woolen sweater. After alkali shrinkage of wool sweater that alkali shrinkage of wool sweater, it has many advantages. Its dry density, unit weight, strength increased, shrinkage rate decreased, hygroscopic and dye on soft power increased, but feels very, elastic, sewing shirts, vestis not easy to distort.

There are two methods of wool sweater factory alkali shrinkage: dry and wet cloth alkali shrinkageand alkali shrinkage. Dry cloth alkali shrinkage is not boiled wool sweater trained directly by alkali treatment; wet alkali shrinkage is the result after boiling, and then treated with alkali. Comparison between the two have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wool sweater dry cloth alkali shrinkage can be reduced by alkali process, save, and high production efficiency, low cost. Butwithout scouring, impurity in alkaline absorption is not easy to be uniform. Alkali shrinkage wooldensity increases, and then by boiling impurities can not be removed easily, is easy to producespots that wool dyeing. Wet alkali shrinkage, absorption solution more evenly, but the process, high cost.

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