Western clothing culture generally refers to ancient Greece, ancient Rome to the modern European and American dress culture. Oriental clothing culture generally refers to is given priority to with China, Japan, India and other Asian region of the costume culture. Woolen sweater dress culture between the east and the west as in philosophy, aesthetics, and cultural differences, thus two sweaters constitute methods of wool sweater factory traditional understanding is different.

According to Socrates, such as the philosophy of "good", ancient Greek and Roman sweater exquisite proportion, symmetry, balance, harmony, etc. The overall effect. Medieval Christianity emphasizes human liberation, affect the aesthetic with human body, space as the object of opposites as content of three-dimensional spatial awareness. This decision European space on the modelling of the cardigan sweater as self body opposite space occupied, on the cardigan must show the three-dimensional modelling. Since ancient Greece, ancient Rome exquisite overhang folds, not symmetrical modelling dynamic auguste statue of kind of sweater, breast implants, the waist until the gothic period, fluffy skirt a multiple-layered cardigans, gradually formed in line with the modern, the modern western clothing culture, woolen sweater in the three dimensional modelling became the standard dress culture to form the main thinking structure, and constitute a three-dimensional form the most direct, most image form method, the three-dimensional construction of woolen sweater. Like sweaters form method, three-dimensional forming.

The east, especially in east Asia affected by Confucianism, Taoism philosophy thought of "sexual abstinence law" at the mercy of the woolen sweater dress culture more performance for implicit in the form. Due to the eastern world view emphasizes the "nature and humanity", pursue intent on artistic expression, so on the modelling of woolen sweater is shown as a form of abstract space, symbolic describe the coordinated relationship between people and space. Chapter from the zhou dynasty, suit to modern cheongsam, gown, basically are the pieces of planar formation constitute a woolen sweater in the form of plane, adapt to the three-dimensional shape of the human body, achieve the three-dimensional space, and thus more emphasis on a flat in woolen sweater in the method of forming the woolen sweater composition method.

This philosophy, the artistic value of the difference between east and west formed the dress culture differences between east and west, also produced a model of the different traditional technology and methods. Today, the western developed countries and regions and even the whole world because of the economic developed and liberalization, woolen sweater clothing modelling of both varieties and has great development, thus the application of three-dimensional construction both from subjective consciousness and mainstream from objective conditions, the national costume (kimono, qipao, etc.) has become in particular occasions wearing costumes. This tendency is inevitably reflected in the structure technology application. Sweater factory in China in recent years directly using the three-dimensional technology design increasingly design pattern, but is still the main model of the second and third.

The influence of eastern and western cultures on sweaters structure publish from:2015-04-17