Sweater after sweater factory practice after a series of process, bleaching, dyeing, fabric along the longitudinal stress and elongation is inevitable, even with no Zhang Lisong type equipment processing, make the fabric in the process of practice, bleaching, dyeing of tension was reduced to a minimum, but still will happen to the elongation, transverse shrinkage, uneven width, the phenomenon such as thread askew. Sweater finishing, therefore, is not only for the fabric surface smooth, feel is good and shiny an indispensable process, more important is can guarantee lower fabric shrinkage deformation, make better effect on setting.


(1) setting, woolen sweater shrink deformation is a very important quality problem, knitted fabric shaped arrangement is important to solve the shrinkage deformation. After practice, bleaching and dyeing of knitted fabric, mainly use the following mechanical method, setting finishing of woolen sweater.


(2) and sorting. Wool fleece is process of flannelette. It is by means of raising the roller card clothing, the wool fabric in the end of the fiber comb up, forming a layer of fluff on the fabric. Raising machine is the main part by the rotary drum, and the device in the surrounding of rotary drum of fleece. For the purposes of raising and obtain good effect of wool fleece, flannel fleece yarn is usually use low and twist less cotton yarn. In the process of raising, if fabric moisture rate is different, different sharp blunt or length weight unevenness of card, will affect the quality of wool fleece effect and raising, make the flannelette produces wool and uneven, grinning and defects such as streaks. Particularly noteworthy is that if the factory use wool cotton yarn quality is not high, pull when raising a MAO, fluff will too short, pull a hair two times, and easy cause wool phenomenon, lead to customer claim or return money. This kind of thing will often encountered in the actual business. Therefore, place an order for sweater factory should pay attention when factories use cotton yarn quality and the technology of hair.


(3) synthetic fiber knitted fabric finishing. Sweater synthetic fabrics are treated with heat styling, its purpose is to eliminate wrinkles and improve the dimensional stability of fabric on the fabric. But in the heat setting process of synthetic fabrics and don't pay special attention to humidity is too high, don't be too long, otherwise, will cause the woolen sweater synthetic fabric yellowing and brittle damage phenomenon.

About the process of the dyeing and finishing woolen sweater factory publish from:2015-04-29