Sweater factory in machining tool of often need to use what? It introduced one by one to you:


1. Electric iron, iron can be divided into two kinds of ordinary iron and steam iron. Ordinary iron usually around 500 W power, steam iron generally to 1 000 W. Power of small iron normally only a thin sweater garment. Now electric iron is generally equipped with automatic thermostat, rotating calibration circle button, can make the iron to set the desired temperature.


2. The woolen sweater ironing without water, watering can able to spray water is fine and uniform to woolen sweater ironing parts, in order to obtain ideal sweater ironing effect.


3. Iron can't sweater ironing clothing in the plate, because the clothes in the iron and the oppression of the board room for lack of fiber elongation, lodging and will make part of the fiber and the undesirable, therefore, woolen sweater ironing must be in the cushion on the shop on the ironing board. Mat? Available double cotton blanket overlying ecru white muslin.


4. In order to protect the ironing clothes, prevent iron and direct contact with sweater clothing to make dirty clothes iron yellow, and aurora, usually to use hot cloth. Ironing cloth available old cotton (old sheet, stopped by, etc.), new cotton must wash pulp rear can use.


5. In order to the concave and convex of woolen sweater ironing clothing (e.g., a suit of chest, trousers, hip, etc.), need to have a something like steamed bread of hard and soft appropriate pad, this is steamed bread. Cloth steamed bread usually made pocket clean white cotton shirting, built in fine sawdust, pay attention to with the foot, installed with manual Qiao finally sealed tightly.

The use of iron tools sweater factory publish from:2015-04-29