The method of the world constitute sweater




Given the configuration method sweater each with director, each is short, sweater factory countries in the world in the use of the following three modes:

1. In stereo constitute the main plane constitute a supplement

In the standard man on stage with three-dimensional technology constitute the main plane configuration technology, supplemented by a correction pattern to form a style of a push plate operation mode and use the various types of three-dimensional configuration sweater constitute swatches.

2. Three-dimensional structure, composed of both plane

Sweater more regular use of three-dimensional shape plane configuration - a test of a three-dimensional correction of a push plate (as usual shirts, suits, pants) model; and three-dimensional shape of complex three-dimensional sweater constitute use (such as evening dress, wedding dress, prom dress, etc.).

3. To constitute the main plane, three-dimensional constitute a supplement

All sweaters are used constitutes: part (parts) of the three-dimensional shape more regular plane structure, three-dimensional shape of complex parts (parts) with a three-dimensional structure, forming plane constituting a three-dimensional pattern style test - a correction of a push plates mode.

Economically developed countries (United States, Japan and European Union countries) to use more of the first, the second model, developing countries use more third sweater factory mode transition to the second mode.



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