The difference with the national costume industry


Railway, civil aviation, shipping, postal and other industries also unified clothing, this is becausethese industries must be organized strictly to the normal operation of Party discipline. The staffwear uniforms have a conscious power restrain oneself, abide by the rules, cooperate with each other, to ensure the normal working procedures. Different industries and departments of labor protection clothing in addition to practical function, cognitive function also has the characteristics ofoccupation identity. The novel design, wearing work clothes fit can make staff spirits, full of vitality,has certain aesthetic features. If the medical staff wearing white gown dress, pure and clean feeling,let the patient feel happy and quiet mood, angel's name.

Mark clothing is also a kind of national: decoration and beautification itself is human nature, China's vast territory, numerous nationalities, each nation has its own brilliant culture and rich and colorful,different styles of costumes. As a bold and unrestrained Uygur dress, beautiful slim skirt dignifiedsimplicity of Dai, Tibetan robes and other clothing as a marker of various ethnic groups. Colorfulnational costumes contains rich national culture and folk customs, embodies the ethnic aesthetic ideal and life, showing its strong national features. Korean love dress, Uygur love hats, Mongolia people love boots, love is a true portrayal of Tibetan robes of national character.

The sweater wholesalers think, the aesthetic function of all material products are produced in the practical function and cognitive function on the basis of. Warm clothing can protect the body,clothing conveys a symbol in social life, to show people's social status, occupation, nationality,hobbies and so on, its aesthetic function also gradually revealed. For example, Mongolia peoplelove the boots are on horseback by their long nomadic life decisions, they become necessities oflife boots. Herdsmen clothing to bright colors, extraordinarily eye-catching appearance, in the vast prairie, which is convenient for the long distance for each other, and add vitality to the prairie. Sothe glory of ancient people's clothing unique is the actual needs and the prairie life closely linked.




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