The application of line design in the sweater



Cardigan sweater factory clothing design, in which must be considered is when we are in the movement to the influence of every aspect of the clothing line.


In the same length and size of lines on the sweater, with the movement of the human body and thus changing the length and size, motionless and effect of different visual disorders such as movement. So all kinds of sweaters clothing at the time of design. We need to consider is this kind of sweater clothing in everyday in the sport after the rule. Is like the wearer is engaged in the profession and its demand for clothing, then consider is knit sweaters clothing line.


Our daily sweater line and its overall a color as well as the relationship between fabric is introduced: the design of all kinds of sweaters clothing is about to consider to be clear about, the color of the line and you deserve there is some connection, this line is not just horizontal or vertical stripes as simple as that. The line of line can also have a certain color changes. The line of different color can make whole this woolen sweater's visual effect is more deep. Is like, middle-aged dress above the belt is the color red, give a person a kind of wide sense, if we use blue, give a person a kind of a little narrow sense. Also, different texture of fabric, is enough to change the character of line. We take the thin, soft work of cashmere fabrics for example, can change the tough character of straight line, to make it more soft. Therefore, we are engaged in sweater garment design using line, also must consider the factor of color and fabric, and organically combine the three, good design effect can be achieved.


The application of line design in the sweater publish from:2015-05-02