The classification of the common packing instructions wool factory



The packaging in circulation as well as the role of the different international trade practices, woolen sweater factory packaging can be divided into two kinds of sales packaging and transport packaging.

(1) Sales Packaging (sale packing) in the sales package, also known as inner packaging, single packaging, direct packaging, is the last step of the production process sweater, which is included with the sweater into the retail outlets and sold to consumers packaging. In addition to features such packaging to protect the sweater, but also beautify the sweater, sweater propaganda, easy sweater sales, help consumers identify, purchase and carry and enhance product awareness and establish sweater the role of corporate brand image. With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, packaging requirements are also increasing. Material well, beautifully designed, simple text complete package can play a catalytic role in sales.

(2) Transport Packaging

① sweater kind of transport packaging transport package (package for transport), also known as the packaging (outer packing), Bulk refers sweater during transport as a piece-unit packaging. Its main role is to protect the sweater, easy to transport and prevent sweater damaged. Commonly used sweater transport packaging cartons (carton), wooden (woodencase) and containers, containers often used internationally 0 20 feet and 40 feet in two different sizes. Woolen trade, should be based on the type, quality and customer requirements sweater to select the appropriate transport packaging, transportation and more generally cartons.

② packaging and marking on the packaging of goods generally brush packaging and marking, whose main role is to facilitate the sweater of transport, handling, storage, inspection, identification, and strengthen the management of sweaters, but also for different sweater take the necessary protective measures. Package mark can be classified according to their use of transport sign (shipping mark), indicative signs (indicative mark) and warning signs (warning mark).


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