In recent years, Dalang Town, with its own industry characteristics , dig local characteristics of resources , and actively create woolen cultural brand , promote the integration of the development of wool and wool characteristics of industrial culture of the brand. Currently, the town a total of more than 4,000 companies wool , 75% of sweaters exported to Europe , Japan, Korea and other places, sweater single product export ranks first in the township .

Meanwhile, the pace of development of the town 's cultural industry is also significantly faster, which develop a higher correlation with the wool industry, creative design industry , network culture industry , animation and game industry , culture and exhibition industry , such as the most rapidly.

13 years woolen style Cultural Festival

Into the culture for the wool industry

Began 13 years ago , during Dalang Woolen Knitwear Fair , held annually over the same period , Long Culture and Art Festival ( in 2008 renamed Dalang Woolen wind plot , was renamed again in 2012 , Dalang Town, Knitwear style Cultural Festival ) .

Arts and Culture Festival theme, closely Dalang local woolen industry , culture and traditional folk crafts wool , colorful activities , including television show, children's model contest , woolen art exhibitions , display of non-heritage experience , Mao woven fashion design contest , wool knitwear trends conference , woolen photo contest, television programs and other column , by the masses , and foreign businessmen alike.

From 2012 onwards, the town turn woolen style festival venue change in the woolen trade center , sharing a stage with Woolen Knitwear Fair opening ceremony , the realization of cultural activities and woolen woolen business activities without butt joints , as woolen Knitwear Fair to create a more strong cultural atmosphere.

Micro- film " weave dream city "

Major site of nearly a million times hits

In recent years, prosperity and development for the wool industry Dalang literary creative activity provides a lot of material , but also to stimulate the creative enthusiasm of writers and artists . Dalang Town, the cultural sector make the best use of each town mobilize Arts Association , woolen artists to carry out the theme of artistic creation , and a number of distinctive characteristics, well-known literary works for the development of wool industry propaganda campaign . Among them, the micro-film "weaving dream city " as a reflection of the city 's first dedicated micro woolen industry films , with its distinctive theme, profound thoughts , civilian perspective, the older generation reproduction of the Long woolen man hard entrepreneurship course , reflects the Dalang Woolen industrial transformation and upgrading of the great achievements demonstrate the new generation of people own brand wool , wool industry to promote the entrepreneurial dream of sustainable development .

Since the movie aired , received praise from all sectors of society , in the major website hits nearly 100 million times , Dalang Woolen become a beautiful culture card .

In addition, the publication of "colorful wool weaving beautiful ", " Long Literary Works " and " weave City Qingsi " and three literary works ; created " Into Long ", " weaving City Star ," " weave warmth "," weave City Fairview welcome guest ", " off the Long "," let the world always beautiful "," Dalang my lovely hometown , "" I am a big Ron "and other original songs ; compose a " weaving City Fairview , "" Meet colorful "," weave love elegant "," woolen impression " , " city cited Feng weave "," weaving rhyme "," weaving town aunt Jane "and other dance works , and several times in the city's art competition debut performances , award ; created a " nostalgia Lai Yun" , "painting" and a number of woolen paintings .

Create woolen culture and arts village

Into a model of China's urban and cultural development

To dig deeper artistic content woolen culture, Dalang town also has in 2012 , carried out in 2013 to create a " culture of Guangdong province woolen arts village " and " China 's wool textile arts and cultural village " activities.

They combed the town from the system " does not produce a fleece place " into " Chinese sweater town ", " China Knitwear culture and arts village " of history, heritage and arts summarizes the context of the development of wool , hair research organizational culture and internal relations woolen industry , research on woolen woolen industry especially for literary and artistic creation and cultural activities generated a profound impact.

September 2012 and September 2013 , Dalang Town, passed the assessment , were approved named "Guangdong woolen arts and cultural township " and " China 's wool textile arts and cultural village ." By creating activities , Dalang Town, only further fired the wool culture brand, and clever use of force expert assessment advice to the town's industrial development , joint research and cultural promotion of new industrial development path . "China 's wool textile arts and cultural village" review wrap-up meeting , the experts agreed that: Dalang economic development while vigorously develop cultural industries , promote industrial development and cultural integration , is a model of China's urban and cultural development .

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