knitwear production due to many processes, before a process of quality problems, the next one will affect the progress of production processes, therefore, must establish responsibility for the quality of every employee awareness and process quality inspection system combines quality management system. Same time as the knitwear factory production management is mainly based on the management of staff, then to construct a reasonable management structure is also necessary to make every one factory middle managers understand the powers and responsibilities of each employee understands the quality requirements, to avoid miscommunication cause quality problems, resulting in production delays.

First, knitwear factory management due process, and people accustomed to produce divided into: with a single department, the sample unit, weaving department, sewing department, Sew Ministry, washing and ironing department, a department inspection, repair, accessories, packaging and other departments (purchasing, warehouse and other auxiliary production because it is temporarily not mention), but all departments complement one another, a part of any quality problems, will affect the operation of the entire chain. The number of each department handover need clear, can not wait until the last one process only to find the number of production quantity and billing discrepancies. Therefore, a reasonable process flow, clear responsibilities, production management is fundamental.

1: with a single department is a direct link of communication with customers and bridge, customer requirements will be the first time reached with a single unit, while the production of goods in question and also by the difficulty of communicating with customers with a single consultation.

2: The sample unit is the hub of the entire production chain, bear sample manufacturing, quality control, cost control and the role of nuclear-like quotations, samples and quotations to complete the speed directly affects the accuracy of orders, samples and direct work of difficulty affect the progress of the production of goods and quality. Single production process should take into account when the quality control process after the sequence, like clothing workmanship is to a large cargo quality control basis, so the corresponding requirements and practices need to have a complete record (file, work, data retention requirements, etc. management), you need to run through the entire production process, while the kind of clothing production foreseen uncontrollable quality problems, such as yarn diagonal slices, yarn and easy holes, weaving difficulties need to proactively identify and communicate with customers to negotiate with a single solution to easily adapt to the production-oriented. Samples produced, quality issues need to be appropriate and dimensions recorded (like clothing knitting weight, length, time knitting, garment size, weight, etc.), as the next production of the kind of clothing or large cargo basis, but also offer basis. The final sample letters as a basis for producing goods, finished size weight etc. must be resolved through the final large cargo craft, finished size if there is a problem must be resolved into a single process, must not wait until the ironing to resolve.

3: Weaving Department is the source of the production of goods, and now the weaving workshop computerized flat knitting machine is used more, as opposed to the previous hand knitting machine shop management, the management should be slightly more convenience, but because of the high-speed computerized flat knitting machine , if the quality problem is not detected early, the loss will be greater. Computerized flat knitting machine shop management can shift production due to advance forward budget (through knitting time to quantify), for Tenders person is also more reasonable performance calculation basis, but need to be computerized flat knitting machine vulnerable parts of the requisitioned also included within the scope of performance appraisal, such as needles and other wearing parts, service, exceed the total monthly amount, or more than the average number of how many will be calculated within the pay for performance. Knitting performance appraisal required by the middle classes minus the number of scrap pieces, through shift amount of time should be produced to account for the actual product, the excess part of the calculation overcapacity incentive pay. The quality weaving department Tenders in production will need to double-check, timely detection and timely correction of the problem, no problem knitting stored separately, tainted needles, etc. can be repaired edge exclusion require additional storage for repair. Each shift are required to be checked for length knitted, woven piece length to avoid causing quality problems, and should set up a special inspection personnel to ensure the quality and repaired before the road to the next stitch knitting process.

4: stitching department is now processing sector workers hardest, because a lot of computerized flat knitting machine in use causes increased capacity, stitching staff increasingly tense, leading to worker mobility, management more difficult. This sector is generally factories have adopted the hard work piece system, performance appraisal majority not implemented, alternative approach can be combined with piecework, such as more than 2000 yuan monthly salary, Cadogan 2% bonus, monthly salary over 2500 Yuan, Cadogan 5% bonus, monthly wages of more than 3,000 yuan, Cadogan 10% bonus, the specific system needs further consideration before improvement. The department in quality control, the need to implement the requirements of each worker, in addition to craftsmen issued detailed fabrication requirements, previously recorded on the sample unit stitched adverse issues must also be resolved in the production, but according to industry quality standards and the requirements of the final seal coat everything complete self, do not make bad problems arise stitched into the next process.

5: Sew-section and stitched part of quality management and performance appraisal similar, hand-stitched quality requirements, the need to finally seal kind of request, in writing and in-kind Sew two forms informed staff. After hand-stitched clothing should be no quality problems, such as missing pin side would have to get rid of exclusion, to avoid washing fulling process under the road caused a bigger problem.

6: Water Ministry washing method according to different yarn, take a different approach, when the knitwear factory washing method is relatively long, you will need a different approach collated returns to craftsmen there, in the process expressly provided on the corresponding single approach. 



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