With the rise of the textile industry in Southeast Asia as well as domestic labor costs rising, traditional textile pattern has not been able to meet the expanding needs of the market. Coupled with recent years, the rise of fast fashion, apparel industry spending increasing accelerating the replacement of clothing styles, which gives the traditional textile industry in the quality and quantity of clothing made no small challenge.
Champoux consulting textile industry analysts believe that: the traditional textile industry faces transformation, transformation process, innovation is the key.
Traditional textile industry mainly cheap labor as the main drive, mainly for labor-intensive industries. In general, businesses receiving orders, and then use as many of these fabrics human processing, using cheap labor advantage and exchange rate profit. However, in recent years, the textile industry in Southeast Asia began to rise. Moreover, the labor market is very abundant in Southeast Asia, so the price of the domestic textile industry in the labor force than in the past already have an advantage.
However, the textile industry wants to continue to grow, they have to improve their skills, actively seek innovative way. Although the textile industry products replacement soon, however, the quality of fabric is always the commanding heights of the textile industry to pursue. And, as in recent years, the apparel industry is changing rapidly, more and more exquisite designer fabrics for the clothing, which also makes the quality of fabric of many important than ever. Therefore, the quality of the fabric vendors, rather than number of products and work hard. Fight can make a new textile fabrics and won designers and consumer recognition.
Meanwhile, you can also control the green textile industry, the concept of a fuss. As the textile industry is a more polluting industries, and, as in recent years gradually deepen people's awareness of environmental protection, green fabric of clothing has become the people's choice. Therefore, the textile industry in the green can this concept work hard and strive to make products from production to sales can meet every aspect of the public about green concepts.
According to Champoux Consulting released the "2013-2017 China's textile industry analyst research report" shows: the traditional textile industry has not been able to meet market and consumer needs, in the context of the transfer of the labor center, the textile industry need restructuring. Textile innovation is not unilateral, only to improve the quality or simply to improve efficiency has been unable to meet the immediate needs of the market. This requires entrepreneurs from the technical, conceptual and production and sales of the way full range of transformation. Only a comprehensive recycling industrial upgrading, the textile industry in order to truly achieve its current market requirements.

Innovation is the key to the textile publish from:2014-01-05