According sweater production process, quality control analysis of each process , the enterprise only to establish self-inspection, mutual inspection and professionals.Check quality supervision system , and constantly improve the quality of staff , quality of products in order to have a good guarantee.

First, we must understand the sweater process: raw material inspection → → → knitting machine section inspection and repair of semi-finished garment sewing section → → → stitched semi-finished products inspection and repair handstitching inspection of semi-finished stitching section → → → wash wash shrink section reduced inspection and repair of semi-finished ironing section → → → ironing semi-finished products inspection and repair nails standard product inspection and repair → packaging and storage .

Methods / steps
Quality yarn sweaters directly related to the quality of products, related materials must be carefully selected , without inspection or test does not meet the criteria may not deliver the yarn is produced .

Workshop management
Internal quality management issues are largely only well-managed , sound organization , good quality of personnel, and to strictly enforce the standards of the enterprise, in order to better the quality of their products , reputation of peers and consumers can be good , market share will be high , whereas the quality of products on the easy problems.

Knitting machine section
Strict implementation of process quality management system, effective control of the process on the machine and found that the problem can be solved in time. On a single machine is a crucial step process woven sweaters products, craft requires a strong sense of responsibility , but also adhere to the three signatory is responsible for the system . When proofing strict feedback form to fill in the complex board , as shown in Table 1.
Generally a plate can be repeated three times on a batch machine , first proofing, the modified complex board, according to customer requirements , last modified fixed plate , feeding mass production.
When mass production , process guidance workers to fill semi-finished products to strictly check list , as shown in Table 2 .
Table 2 each individually filled , craft workers to guide each employee must be tested first product to fill orders, with proportionally random testing products and fill orders, there are problems timely feedback to the Tenders .
When semi-finished garment inspection , inspection work should be based on the size of the process one by one to check a single piece of clothing , pull , plus or minus the number of stitches and knit the defect , fill process card , promptly repair or rework and inspection of feedback to the workshop, in a timely manner adjustments.

Sewing section , stitching section
To strictly according to process requirements and process operation, the first product produced by the process according to the guidance of workers required by person -by- piece inspection , be sure to fill out the check list, with proportionally random testing products and fill orders. Inspection of semi-finished stitching , stitching semi-finished products inspection , testing should also be carefully piece by piece according to process requirements and filling orders .

Wash shrink section
Wash shrink by an decontamination process , you can get two beautiful look, feel rich, soft, smooth and warm and good results. Wash sweaters shrink process directly affects the surface of villus height and texture , wash shrinkage process has a greater impact on the quality of the sweater , which requires Xishan work in strict accordance with wash shrinkage process operation, fill in the Xishan process record sheet .
Ironing section
In sweaters ironing , the ironing workers operate strictly according to process requirements , strict testing and inspection work to fill out the ironing process inspection records, as shown in Table 3 .

Standard product inspection and repair nails
This step is the last one factory inspection process , requiring inspection stations have a strong sense of responsibility, carefully inspected and filling orders .

To ensure the quality of products, in addition to the strict inspection of each section , it should also set up quality inspection department , responsible for tracking random testing for each section , and timely records of each section of the test will be compiled and analyzed , and better quality control.

With the development of enterprises, the device updates faster , new materials emerging, diversify product design , which requires the operator on the basis of existing experience and accept new knowledge and new work procedures, improve their skills , only highly qualified staff in order to produce qualified products. Enterprises to develop , it must be the introduction of talent and training, establish and improve talent
Training colleges can be taken with a joint approach to establish mechanisms for long-term training , training management personnel and skilled workers of enterprises, so that the development of enterprises continue to inject new vitality.

Product quality is the key to managing sweater , strict inspection system and high-quality workforce . Enterprise development must adopt modern management , the adoption of international quality certification standards, there are plans to train employees , the introduction of high-quality personnel .

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