• China sweater is environmental protection and technology characteristics

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       <p class="ordinary-output source-output" dir="ltr" style="display: none"> 生意社4月4日讯 在今年的中国国际服装服饰博览会(CHIC)上,台湾展团无论在展位装饰、灯光搭配还是人台模特造型上似乎与其他展馆均无太大差异。然而,在&ldquo;环保&rdquo;与&ldquo;科技&rdquo;主题下,再生与环保产品的研发与展...

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    • Jiaxing : Restructuring China Sweater "super union "

      2014-05-27   Read:2767

       <p> <span title="对于毛衫来说,嘉兴有着特殊的含义,全世界80%的毛衫交易份额在中国。">For sweaters , it has a special meaning in Jiaxing , 80 percent of the world trade share in China sweater . </span><span title="全国70%的毛衫交易份额在嘉兴。"...

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    • Lake refurbishment " Ducun sweater " Jinzizhaopai

      2014-05-27   Read:2324

       <p> <span title="集赞免费赠送《中国毛衫产业大全》啦!&#13;&#10;">Set like a FREE &quot; China sweater industry Daquan &quot; it!</span><br /> <span title="恒强科技致力于打造以人为本专业服务体系&#13;&#10;">Hengqiang technology profess...

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    • China Knitwear exports raise the degree mate

      2014-05-27   Read:2387

       <p> <span style="background-color: #fff" title="做外贸生意的厂商最怕的就是海外买家违约赊账,高昂的维权成本常常令他们十分头疼。">Do foreign trade business of manufacturers fear that overseas buyers default on credit, the high cost of righ...

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    • Zhejiang Xiangshan knitwear ASEAN trade surges

      2014-05-26   Read:2560

       <p> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="106">Data</span> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="107">business community</span> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="108">Feb. 3</span> <spa...

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    • 2012-2016 China knitwear market research reports and investment decisions

      2014-05-26   Read:2480

       <p> <span style="background-color: #fff" title="针织衫是利用织针把各种原料和品种的纱线构成线圈、再经串套连接成针织物的工艺产物。">Knitwear is the use of needles and yarn varieties of various raw materials constituting the coil, and then s...

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