• Zhejiang Xiangshan knitwear ASEAN trade surges

      2014-05-26   Read:2358

       <p> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="106">Data</span> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="107">business community</span> <span class="hps" closure_uid_130376709="108">Feb. 3</span> <spa...

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    • 2012-2016 China knitwear market research reports and investment decisions

      2014-05-26   Read:2286

       <p> <span style="background-color: #fff" title="针织衫是利用织针把各种原料和品种的纱线构成线圈、再经串套连接成针织物的工艺产物。">Knitwear is the use of needles and yarn varieties of various raw materials constituting the coil, and then s...

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    • Domestic exports of textile machinery strode out of the country and gradually increase the size

      2014-05-26   Read:2383

       <p> <span title="在经历引进、消化、吸收阶段以后,我国纺机企业的自主创新能力正在不断加强,棉纺成套、针织设备等国产纺机由于技术相对成熟、具有性价比较高等优势而逐渐得到了亚洲、非洲等国家">After the introduction, digestion , absorption later stage , the ability of independent innovati...

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    • chinese sweater factory 4 - C&C Sweater factory

      2014-04-09   Read:2148

       <p> Established in 2002, our company is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of woolen sweater. We are located in Zhejiang and have convenie...

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    • chinese sweater factory 3 - C&C Sweater factory

      2014-04-09   Read:2114

       <p> Established in 2002, Dongguan C&amp;C Knitwear Factory is one of the Chinese best garment manufacturers and has our own production plants in Dongguan. Our factory has been doing business for ove...

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    • knitted sweater factory china 2-- C&C Sweater factory

      2014-04-09   Read:2036

       <p> As one of the largest knitwear and woven supplier in South China, CC Apparel specializes in doing all kinds of sweaters and woven garment for ladies, men and babies in all kinds of yarn and fabr...

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