• Dalang sweater product export ranks first

      2014-01-05   Read:3049

       <p> In recent years, Dalang Town, with its own industry characteristics , dig local characteristics of resources , and actively create woolen cultural brand , promote the integration of the developm...

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    • The head of Uniqlo, Yanai Masayoshi: The era of daily wear is officially here-clothes that are lost after one year of wear are no longer needed

      2021-04-12   Read:8

       <p> The epidemic has not dissipated globally, and the uncertainty about the future has made consumers in many parts of the world more cautious when it comes to fashion consumption, especially when i...

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    • United States: cotton prices rise export demand to turn weak

      2021-03-19   Read:49

       <p data-section="0"> <span data-section="0" data-sentence="0">February 19-25, 2021, the average spot price of standard grade in seven major domestic markets was 86.90 cents/lb, up 2.17 cents/lb from...

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    • Autumn and winter fashion colors, oatmeal color clothing suitable for what skin tone to wear?

      2021-03-19   Read:42

       <p data-section="0"> <span data-section="0" data-sentence="0">Today will talk about this year&#39;s autumn and winter fashion color -- oat color.</span> <span data-section="0" data-sentence="1">What...

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    • 2020/2021AW color trend!

      2021-03-19   Read:46

       <p data-section="3"> <span data-section="3" data-sentence="0">In the era dominated by rationality, interest in mystery and emotion has increased, more and more care about nature experience, environm...

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    • The classification of the common packing instructions wool factory

      2015-05-02   Read:2055

       <p> <span style="font-size: 16px"><strong>The classification of the common packing instructions wool factory</strong></span></p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> <span style="font-size: 12...

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