Quality Control Standard And Process

Quality is our vitality nowadays, during production process we will offer three procedures and twenty-seven steps for inspection. All inspection we will follow internation standar, and each procedure will come out one report. Inspection for each part, each detail kill all possible risk in cradle, qualtiy warranty become the basic one that we can offer to our customers. Welcom to join us….


• PPS sample check
• material check

• Accessories check
• workman ship details check
• lead time planning

Prepare Inspection

• Knitting check in random

• Linking check in random

• Lamp check 100%

• Sewing/stiching  Check 100%
• Printing/embroidery Check  100%
• Washing Check
• Iroin Check in radom

* Meaurment  Check  100%

* Accessories (hangtag/label/logo) check  100%

* Package check
• Media QC Report

Inline Inspection

• Inspection Basis(AQL/MIL STD)
• Packing  check  in random
• Polybag Sticker in random
• Label And Tag  in random
• Overall Appearance Check   in random
• Symmetry Check  in random

* Colour 、hand feel check  in random

* Measurment check   in random

* Workman ship check  in random

* Carton check (quality/measurment/shipping mark/content)  in random
• Final QC Report

Final Inspection

Quality Legal Standard

Materials Quality Standard

Performance Specifications

• Embroidery
• Heart-Shaped
• Rib Collar
• Hoodie
• Zipper Open Bag
• Flower Bar
• Cardigan Style

Special Style Check